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ACRA Webinar: Meetings for a Healthy Organization

  • 07/25/2019
  • 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • GotoWebinar
  • 90


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Despite how often meetings are criticized as dull, boring, or pointless, there is no better way to positively affect an organization than by changing how it conducts meetings. In fact, observing how senior leaders conduct their meetings will tell you more about the health of an organization than its balance sheet, or customer surveys.

Attendees will learn a system of a series of meeting rhythms that include daily check-ins, weekly staff meetings, stand-alone topical, quarterly review, and staff check-ins. Each of these focus on different issues that require their own solutions, from administrative, tactical, strategic, and developmental. This allows organizational leaders to focus on what’s important, rather than trying to cover everything under a single bloated meeting. Or worse still, to be in a constant state of putting out fires and dealing with interruptions that arise because of issues that aren’t being resolved during meetings in the first place. And how does this differ from similar trainings from other organizations? This one was developed specifically with the needs of CRM firms in mind.

Leaders who implement these meeting rhythms will see improved communication, reduced stress, and an environment where they and others can more effectively do their jobs.

ACRA's expert provider for this session is Ryan Duddleson, Senior Archaeologist and Principal of Orbis Environmental Consulting. Ryan has developed this system over 15 years of researching this topic and working in small, medium, and large CRM companies.

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