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ACRA Newsletters and Archives

ACRA and the History of the CRM Industry

ACRA has long contributed to communications between cultural resource managers, especially those working in the private sector and especially those focused on archaeological resources. 

Today, ACRA is restarting this focus on CRM communications and insights by resuming its publication of an ACRA Newsletter in 2018.

As an organization long associated with the history of the CRM industry, ACRA provides its newsletter archives free of charge for ACRA members. This page provides archived material from two important publications providing insights into CRM in the 1990s and 2000s, The Grapevine Newsletter for Cultural Resource Management, and ACRA News. Side by side, these two publications kept abreast of news of the cultural resources industry from 1995 until the easier access to information in the internet age let to the discontinuance of The Grapevine in May 2002 (Issue 12:3). We provide these archives here as a membership benefit for people interested in the industry during these early years.

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On October 25, 1991, The Grapevine Newsletter for Cultural Resources Management (Grapevine) began publication through in-house production by Gray & Pape, Inc. of Cincinnati, Ohio. The newsletter, edited by G&P employee Jeanne Harris, was intended as a monthly newsletter "designed specifically for persons, firms and agencies involved in cultural resources management" and especially oriented towards archaeologists. This was one of the first, if not the first, publication of its kind intended for private sector cultural resource companies.

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With the formation of ACRA in 1995, a sister newsletter was added to the publication of The Grapevine by Gray & Pape, Inc., called ACRA News. The costs for publication of the ACRA News was largely borne by ACRA but, in part, subsidized by Gray & Pape, Inc.'

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