Acquisition v. Retention: Strengthening the Firm-Client Relationship

08/29/2019 2:15 PM | ACRAsphere Blog Team

CRM firms tend to place far more emphasis on client acquisition rather than on client retention—and this is generally a business mistake. The interactions between a CRM firm and its clients aren’t just one-time business transactions - they are an ongoing relationship that must be established, cultivated, and maintained. ACRA's upcoming webinar Acquisition v. Retention: Strengthening the Firm-Client Relationship is the perfect opportunity to hone your skills for bolstering your long-term client base.

Join us on September 26 at 2:00 pm EDT to find out why, and how to extend the “lifetime” of your clients. Attendees will learn how to calculate the cost of acquisition, cost of retention, customer lifetime value, and the amount you should be investing in your customers to increase your profitability and value. You will also learn how to identify at-risk clients before it is too late and methods of winning back clients that do leave your firm.

ACRA's expert provider for this webinar is Christopher Dore. Dr. Dore is a consultant with Heritage Business International, a social enterprise venture that works to strengthen the value, sustainability, and impact of heritage organizations. He is currently the President of the Register of Professional Archaeologists and has held executive board positions with both ACRA and SAA in the past. 

By putting an emphasis on client retention, you have the potential to increase your revenue for longer periods than solely focusing on bringing in new clients. Register for September's webinar today!

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