ACRA Submits Comments to Forest Service on NEPA Changes

08/27/2019 2:48 PM | Deleted user

Yesterday, ACRA submitted comments to the Forest Service on proposed revisions to its NEPA regulations. ACRA's CRM member firms drew on their experience as consultants to project applicants and federal agencies subject to NEPA review to advise the Forest Service that the proposed changes would curtail important environmental reviews and eliminate public input into the NEPA process.

The changes could lead to the approval of projects harmful to the environment and cultural resources without public involvement. The Forest Service claims the changes are needed to increase efficiency, but the proposed changes go too far, and would not achieve a responsible balance between development and preservation. ACRA members urge the Forest Service to reconsider the proposed changes.

Click here to read ACRA's comments to the Forest Service.


  • 08/28/2019 11:00 PM | T
    I hope your comments are taken into consideration and that they not bear any unintended consequences. I’ve been hesitant to bring certain things to light, like changes to the NEPA process not changing 106 policies and regulations, with the current administration. I hope they don’t start taking a scalpel to the NHPA next. Finally, perhaps I’m missing one of the changes, but most undertakings proposed as CEs go out for scoping. My experience with any level of NEPA review has been that the deciding official can either act on or ignore a public comment at their whim. There is no objective criteria for deciding which comment(s) warrant additional review. It usually comes down to whether they feel such comment could lead to an appeal or litigation. Individuals with valid concerns are usually hit hardest by this while collectives/institutions fare better in getting their concerns acknowledged. I’m not certain the proposed changes address these issues. At any rate, thanks for looking out for cultural resources. Cheers.
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