Architectural Historians Need to be Safe, Too.

08/14/2019 2:49 PM | ACRAsphere Blog Team

Architectural historians: what hazards do you face besides leaning buildings? Now is your chance to make an impact and educate the broader CRM industry about the health and safety issues architectural historians face in the field!

ACRA’s Health and Safety Committee is looking for new members to add some perspectives from the above-ground side of our business – archaeologists have their heads buried too deeply in the ground! Members of this committee work on developing best practices for industry safety, both in and out of the field. Chair (and incoming President-Elect!) Daniel Cassedy is committed to building a committee with cross-disciplinary representation to ensure that all ACRA members have a say in ACRA's health and safety initiatives.

Getting involved with a committee is one of the best ways to maximize your ACRA membership. Please contact Dan Cassedy or comment below if you are interested in getting involved!

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