Water Over the Dam: "WERC-shop” on Federal Hydroelectric Project Relicensing

08/07/2019 2:02 PM | ACRAsphere Blog Team

All 50 states in the US use hydroelectric power in one form or another. Has your firm worked on or wanted to bid on a hydroelectric relicensing project? Do you understand the nuances of the traditional vs. integrated licensing processes? How about the difference between a FERC Boundary and a traditional APE? What is a PAD and how is a Study Plan prepared for cultural and tribal resources? What is the ex parte process? 

This year's conference workshop, Water Over the Dam: "WERC-shop” on Federal Hydroelectric Project Relicensing, will answer these questions and more, helping you understand the special procedures of Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) relicensing. Held from 1:00 - 5:00 pm on Thursday, October 24 before the welcome reception, the WERCshop will provide background to firms unacquainted with the process and will explore several of the more complex topics for those more familiar with relicensing.

The WERCshop may feature an expert panel composed of Industry Project Managers, Tribal representatives, CRM practitioners, and the Washington DC FERC archaeologist (pending federal budget approval!). Following the hydro relicensing roundtable, we will visit the beautiful Spokane Falls for a tour of Avista’s historic Post Street Substation in downtown Spokane.

Lower Spokane Falls

This workshop will provide you with the background and tools to conduct CRM studies for FERC relicensing. The workshop organizers will address/provide:

  • An overview of FERC licensing and relicensing
  • Discussion of the three FERC processes
  • An acronym list
  • A discussion of FERC’s scheduling requirements
  • Preparation of the Project Application Document (PAD)
  • Preparation of maps with FERC Boundary and/or APE
  • Tribal and Technical Working Group meetings
  • Creation of Study Plans
    • Cultural Resource Study Plans
    • Tribal Resources Study Plans
  • Study Plan Implementation
  • Technical Reports for Cultural Resources and Tribal Resources
  • Other types of reports that may be necessary.
  • Native American issues
  • Historic Properties Management Plan (HPMP) Development
  • When is the HPMP prepared? (Ex Parte considerations)
  • What is required?
  • What is FERC’s Review Process?
  • Who Prepares the EIS?
  • Ongoing consultation
  • Scheduling
  • HPMP Implementation
  • Where to get more information and a CD with useful documents

Don't miss your chance to participate in this exciting opportunity - reserve your spot in the conference workshop as a part of your conference registration today!

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