CRM Firms in the News: Volume Seven

07/05/2019 1:31 PM | ACRAsphere Blog Team

Readers can now find relevant news items compiled all in one place! In our CRM Firms in the News series, we feature recent mentions of ACRA member firms and their projects across the country. Was your firm recently featured in a news article or on social media? Send it to us to be included in our next volume of the series!

  • When railroads made access to remote mountain areas easier, resorts began to flourish in areas like Lake Tahoe. Researchers in California have been studying sunken boats in the lake to learn more about not just local boat building, but also "the  emergence of vacations in our lives—a relatively new phenomenon in Western history." Staff from Far Western Anthropological Research Group designed and fabricated these underwater markers and ‘dive cards’ for three boats and two barges that are part of the Emerald Bay Maritime Heritage Trail. Read more at
  • ACRA member firm New South Associates was consulted for this fascinating article on a forgotten African-American cemetery in Tampa, FL. The article also mentions Congresswoman Alma S. Adams and the African-American Burial Grounds Network Act - check it out in U.S. News and World Report.
  • Brockington and Associates has helped to uncover South Carolina's forgotten phosphate industry, which got it's start right after the Civil War. People from all walks of life, from scientists to newly freed slaves, worked together to create an industry that would "mark the start of vast, global change." Read more in the Post and Courier.
  • PaleoWest Archaeology is doing great work to document the civil rights buildings and history in the streets of Montgomery, Alabama. Read more about the project in the Montgomery Advertiser.

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