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06/07/2019 1:38 PM | ACRAsphere Blog Team

Whether you are new to ACRA or a long-time member, getting involved with the organization is essential to maximizing your membership benefits. The best way to do so is by joining an ACRA committee!

There is an ACRA committee to serve all interests in CRM. Whether you want to improve continuing education opportunities, influence policy at all levels of government, or work on benefits for firms of all sizes, there is a committee for you to work on the interests you are passionate about. Check out the full committee list below, and let us know where you would like to get involved!

  • Academic Outreach
    Originally created as a task force, this newly-minted committee focuses on fostering collaboration between the CRM industry and academic professionals.
  • Collections Management & Curation
    ACRA works in partnership with other archaeological organizations to review collections and curation best practices, address challenges in the discipline, and develop new methods. This committee works as part of the Archaeological Collections Consortium (ACC) to focus on the use, preservation, and management of archaeological collections.
  • Communications
    Members of this committee help guide and implement ACRA's communications strategy, including social media. New initiatives include the very blog you are reading this on!
  • Conference
    Among the largest of ACRA's committees, members work to plan and execute ACRA's Annual Conference.
  • Continuing Education
    This committee works on professional development and instruction, especially of ACRA member firms but also in terms of students and early career professionals. Committee members work to expand ACRA's webinar program, develop new opportunities, and more.
  • Government Relations
    Members of this important committee advise on and help shape ACRA public policy, grassroots initiatives, and congressional outreach. If you are interested in being the first to hear about issues affecting CRM in Washington, this is the committee for you.
  • Health & Safety
    Members of this committee work on developing best practices for industry safety, both in and out of the field. With a new chair on board, expect a lot to come from this committee over the next year.
  • Membership
    The Membership Committee is responsible for member acquisition and retention initiatives. This is the committee to get involved in if you wish to have a direct effect on developing new member benefits.
  • Metrics & Standards
    The Metrics & Standards Committee is responsible for developing, collecting, and analyzing data and trends pertaining to the CRM industry. Committee members were integral in developing the recent 2019 Salary Survey.
  • Small Business
    One of ACRA's newest committees, the Small Business Committee attends to needs and concerns of ACRA's small businesses. Members are committed to addressing the needs and challenges unique to the industry's smaller firms.

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