Introducing Student Prices for ACRA Webinars

04/23/2019 2:07 PM | ACRAsphere Blog Team

Today we are unveiling an exciting new benefit specifically for ACRA's student members - new student pricing for our ACRA webinars!

Students can now attend our online learning opportunities for just $19 per webinar. This is a significant discount to the normal webinar price. Students can now better prepare for a career in CRM for less than what most spend on coffee for the week! 

ACRA webinars focus on the business aspects of CRM that students may not be exposed to in academic programs. Attending will net you skills that could ultimately make you a better employee and more attractive for CRM firms to hire. For example, our upcoming webinar on May 9, Accounting Basics, will go over basic accounting principles that will help you understand how CRM firms set budgets, bid projects, and more. Note: This webinar will only be given live and spaces are limited, so register today to reserve your spot.

You must be a Student member of ACRA to get the student webinar pricing, so if you aren't a member, join here. Becoming a student member of ACRA also gets you access to networking with the leadership of CRM firms that may eventually employ you, insights into the inner workings of the industry, and more.

We hope that these new student prices will allow more students to take advantage of the engaging content in our full webinar slate. Register to reserve your spot today!

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