ACRA Awards: A Look at the 2018 Winners

03/07/2019 4:00 PM | ACRAsphere Blog Team

In January we announced that the call for nominations for the 2019 ACRA Awards is open. The ACRA Awards recognize private and public sector clients of member firms for CRM accomplishments and commitments exceeding those required by various laws and regulations. ACRA Awards also recognize ACRA member firms or employees thereof who have made a long-term and on-going public service commitment to CRM.

Want a better idea of the projects that have won these awards in the past? Take a look at last year's winners below!

2018 Industry Award - Private Sector

Winner: Calpine Corporation, for Cultural Heritage Management at the Garrison Energy Center Project (nominated by RGA, Inc.)

James Klickovich of Calpine Corporation is presented the Industry Private Sector award at the 2018 ACRA Conference in Cincinnati.

In advance of the project, Calpine Corporation sponsored an Intensive-level historic architectural survey and various phases of archaeological surveys, including a robust and far-reaching public outreach effort associated with the archaeological data recovery. Calpine Corporation took a proactive stance in cultural resource management by funding this work without any requirement to comply with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act or other local, state, or federal regulations that necessitate consideration of project impacts on historical and archaeological resources. Through generous support and funding, Calpine Corporation sponsored the archaeological identification, evaluation, and recordation of a 1770s to 1820s free African American tenancy associated with the Cooper family. As a private sector energy company, Calpine Corporation has set a high bar in its support of cultural resource management.

2018 Industry Award - Public Sector

Winner: City of Wilmington, for Cultural Heritage Management associated with the Brandywine Raceway Rehabilitation (nominated by Commonwealth Heritage Group)

Don Weir of Commonwealth Heritage Group accepts the 2018 Industry Award - Public Sector on behalf of the City of Wilmington.

The City of Wilmington planned to rehabilitate Brandywine Raceway, the main conduit of fresh water for the city’s public water system, and determined that there would be an adverse impact on the Brandywine Village Historic District. The City seized upon the opportunity to broaden the scope of historical documentation to address the entire public water system, including the raceway. This scope expansion was an entirely voluntary and altruist act, and from the start, the historical documentation was conceived as an engaging book, accessible to readers of all ages.

Need further inspiration? Check out the rest of the previous award winners, and make sure to submit your nominations by FRIDAY, APRIL 26, 2019 at 5:00 PM EDT. Awards will be presented during the ACRA Conference October 24-27, 2019, in Spokane, Washington.

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