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01/09/2019 2:40 PM | ACRAsphere Blog Team

Welcome to the ACRAsphere, the newest source for CRM news across the nation!

The ACRAsphere is a blog that focuses specifically on the news and issues of interest to cultural resource management (CRM) firms across the country. Join us as we share information, stories, and news that affect our industry the most. You will also have the opportunity to hear from and collaborate with the diverse voices of CRM.

Focusing on more than just the technical aspects of CRM, the ACRAsphere will provide you with tips on running your business, engaging with other employees, and expanding the visibility of your firm. From opportunities to engage with legislators to exclusive benefits, you will hear about it here first.

The ACRAsphere is for you if:

  • ·       You work in cultural resource management
  • ·       You often collaborate or contract with CRM firms
  • ·       You are interested in news concerning CRM, including topics like archaeology, architectural history, historic preservation, and much more

Why a blog?

From the publication of CRM-specific newsletters to facilitating discussion on the our now-closed listserv, ACRA has long contributed to communications between cultural resource managers. The Grapevine and its sister newsletter ACRA News were the first publications of their kind intended for private sector CRM companies. Side by side, these two publications were important member benefits that kept firms abreast of the issues that affect them the most.

Additionally, the ACRA listserv provided members and non-members alike the opportunity to discuss pressing topics, collaborate on issues, and connect with each other raise the profile of the CRM industry. Many of you have said that both the content in the newsletters and the discussion provided by the listserv have been greatly missed, and you’ve been heard.

ACRA leadership has worked hard to respond to the needs of CRM practitioners, and their goal in resurrecting the newsletter was to find a medium that combined the aspects of your favorite parts of our historical publications. Thus, the ACRAsphere was born.

Engaging with the ACRAsphere

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We welcome your comments, thoughts, suggestions, and questions. We will quickly remove any comments that are offensive, profane, disrespectful, or irrelevant. Please remember that this blog is a public forum and refrain from posting private information.

Thank you for reading, commenting, and contributing to ACRAsphere. We are excited to have you here!

The ACRAsphere Blog Team   

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