Now On Demand: Technical Editing for CRM

08/13/2021 12:49 PM | ACRAsphere Blog Team

If you missed yesterday's webinar on technical editing in CRM, you are in luck - it is now available on ACRA Webinars on Demand!

All CRM practitioners practice technical editing in the course of our daily jobs, and our deliverables count on clean, quick, accurate editing. Yet, we don’t have a consistent system or understanding of what technical editing is in general and how to best leverage it in a CRM setting.

This webinar focuses on training CRM employees, whether they are project directors, field technicians, or even administrative staff, to quickly target the most common errors in CRM technical reports, leverage the power of Word to be more consistent, introduce fewer errors in the process, and work more collaboratively with authors.

As with the live session, this webinar is available to ACRA members at a discounted price. Members can get the discount code to access the presentation here.

Watch Technical Editing for CRM Now

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