Now On Demand: Reframing Public Outreach: Addressing Historically Underrepresented Communities in CRM

07/23/2021 12:45 PM | ACRAsphere Blog Team

Yesterday's webinar, Reframing Public Outreach: Addressing Historically Underrepresented Communities in CRM, is now available on ACRA Webinars on Demand!

Frequently used research and outreach methods that CRM practitioners employ often do not effectively consider or reach underrepresented communities. Why is this? What are we missing? How can we do better? This session provides strategies to answer these questions and more.

This webinar is the first in a series hosted by ACRA that explores effectively addressing historically underrepresented communities in historic preservation during regulatory processes and how to identify these communities and to engage in a meaningful manner.

As with the live session, this webinar is available to ACRA members at a discounted price. Members can get the discount code to access the presentation here.

Watch the Underrepresented Communities Webinar NOW

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