Now On Demand: Radiocarbon Dating Basics

05/17/2021 4:49 PM | ACRAsphere Blog Team

If you missed last week's webinar on radiocarbon dating basics, it is now available on demand for you to watch on your own schedule!

Even if you think you know every there is to know about radiocarbon dating, there is always new information as the science continues to advance. Radiocarbon Dating Basics will give an introduction to radiocarbon dating with a focus on what radiocarbon dating is and how it can be used.

Maren Pauly, Scientific Associate with Beta Analytic, covers a number of topics, including variability in dating uncertainty due to wiggles within the radiocarbon curve, recommendations on how to best select and prepare samples for radiocarbon dating, and more. Maren is a paleoclimatologist with research experience reconstructing climate from modern corals and subfossil tree-rings, in addition to Late Glacial radiocarbon calibration.

As with the live session, this webinar is available to ACRA members at a discounted price. Members can get the discount code to access the presentation here.

Watch Radiocarbon Dating Basics Now

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