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 ACRA-l FAQ/Instructions

Members-Only FAQ/Instructions




  1. What is ACRA-l?
  2. What cultural resource topics are covered?
  3. Who can use the forum?
  4. If I join, is the forum going to spam my email account with notifications?
  5. I am an ACRA member. Why do I have to sign up again to use ACRA-l?
  6. I am not an ACRA member. How do I join?


What is ACRA-l?

ACRA-l is the only service entirely devoted to the discussion of matters across the entire cultural resources field. The ACRA-l forum, which continues to be a free service sponsored by the American Cultural Resources Association (ACRA), is a new, modified version of the original ACRA-l listserv that was created in 1995.


What cultural resource topics are covered?

The forum is intended to be an open discussion, with a wide range of topics including politics, the academy, business practices, regulatory issues, legal issues, international heritage management, methodology, archaeology, history, architectural history, and more.


Who can use the forum?

The forum is a completely free service provided by ACRA, and anyone who is interested can join.


If I join, will I get spammed with forum emails?

No, there are a couple of options regarding email notifications that you are able to customize, so that you will receive as much or as little communication as you would like.


I am an ACRA member. Why do I have to sign up for another account to use ACRA-l?

You don't. As an ACRA member, you already have access to the ACRA-l forum. Simply sign in to your existing account and click "ACRA-l" in the main navigation menu. This will bring you to the home page for the forum.

If you wish to "subscribe" to the forum and receive a digest every week, click the gray drop-down menu "Forum Actions," then select "Subscribe to Digest."

If there is a green check mark next to "Subscribe," it is not an indication that you are already subscribed. Active subscriptions will display a red circle with a line through it (suggesting "unsubscribe").

I am not an ACRA member. How do I join?

To join ACRA-l, click here to complete the short registration form.
Unlike prospective ACRA members, your application does not require an official review before acceptance. However, upon submission of your application, you will receive an automatically-generated email from the website. This email is intended to verify your identity and ensure that "spammers" do not gain automatic access to the forum. After you validate your email address, your account is immediately activated.


Click here to download the Instruction Manual if you are still unclear about how to participate in, or sign up for, the ACRA-l Forums.



Members-Only Forum


The Members-Only Forum is reserved specifically for current ACRA-Member Firms and their respective company contacts. You can access the Members-Only Forum in a number of ways, but you will always be required to sign in to your member account first.

If you are signed in now, you can simply click the following button to visit the Members-Only Forum:


If you are not signed in, the link at the end of this page will take you to the sign-in page.

When you sign in, you will land on the "Profile Home" page. A small way down the page, you will see a "Members-Only Forum" button identical to the one above. Clicking this button will also direct you to the forum.

Click here to sign in to your ACRA-Member Account.


If you are having trouble accessing the forum or logging in to your account, please email Nick Bollinger at ACRA Headquarters for assistance.

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ACRA-l, the free forum sponsored by ACRA, is open to anyone who is interested in participating. You do not have to be an active ACRA member to join.

If you are an ACRA Member, and wish to participate in the new ACRA-l forum, you do not need to create a new account. You may use your existing account.

Click here for full details.

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