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2012 18th Annual Meeting
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ACRA 18th Annual Conference

Seattle Washington

Spetember 6-8, 2012


Thursday, September 6

[8:00-1:30]Board Meeting

Workshop: What Wins & Why The Art & Science of Winning Proposals

CRM firms spend significant time and resources submitting proposals to clients in an effort to get shortlisted and selected for a project. Despite their best efforts, firms lose two out of three proposals, on average. Why? Because clients find that the submittals are non-responsive, don’t address their specific needs, or look and sound the same. How can you make your firm stand out?

This seminar includes:
• RFQ/RFP criteria and Go/No-Go decision-making
• Proposal strategy, preparation and management
• Graphic design and production
• The shortlist interview
• Post-award debriefings



Workshop: Business Development Uncovered: Proven Methods and Tools for Successful Client Development

Who’s your boss? No, it’s not the principals in your firm or your immediate supervisor – it’s your clients! Without clients there would be no business. Business development isn’t rocket science but it is people science. It requires discipline, organization and the ability to ‘read’ people. Whether your clients are public or private there are strategies to win business. This class is about hands-on, down in the trenches business development. The content will provide proven techniques and tools to help you and your staff develop clients and projects for your company.

This session will teach you:

  • Defining Business Development
  • Strategic BD Program
  • Prospecting
  • Client Relationships
  • Client Relationship Management
[6:00-7:30]Welcome Reception

Friday, September 7


President's Welcome
Teresita Majewski, Statistical Research, Inc.

Plenary Session: What are ACRA’s legislative opportunities on the Hill?
Marion Werkheiser, Cultural Hertigage Partners, LLC

ACRA’s government consulting firm, will provide an overview and interactive discussion on legislative opportunities and how they affect ACRA members and the cultural resources industry.



Legal Issues: Copyright & Intellectual Property
Eden Burgess, Cultural Hertigage Partners, LLC

Many of us use materials written by others for our work in various forms. Are we violating copyright laws when we photocopy a book, article, or page from a document? Are we violating copyright laws when we use an image from the web in a Power Point presentation? How should this be done legally? We also create many different types of documents using our own intellect that others use. What is intellectual property? What are the laws governing use of intellectual property? When a client will not allow the author’s name to be put on a report, or distributes the report without asking the author who it can be given to, is that a violation of Intellectual Property Law? And what about Authorship? Whose name goes first? How do you decide who the first author is? Use of copyrighted material, intellectual property and authorship will all be explored in this interactive presentation.


Case Studies & Current CRM Topics: Creative Mitigation
Kevin Bartoy, Washington State Department of Transportation

Through the example of Milepost 31, a project information center for the Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Program, Kevin Bartoy will discuss the creative way in which Washington State Department of Transportation has attempted to reach these lofty goals as well as the challenges and opportunities that have surfaced from this creative mitigation from project partners, consulting parties, the media, and the legislature


Management: Strategies to Address Critical Leadership & Ownership Challenges: Does your firm have good leadership - how do you know?
Ed Edelstein

Leaders know, more than anyone else in their firms, how much needs to be addressed to ensure success. They also know, more than anyone else, how much is at stake if things go awry.  Regardless of firm size, leaders (especially when they are owners) cannot avoid two prevailing questions:

1. What are they doing now to assure effective leadership throughout their firm?

2. How will they solve succession and legacy concerns as they consider moving on from their leadership/ ownership position.


Marketing: Business Development Live!
Scott Williams, Manager, Cultural Resources Program, Washington State Department of Transportation
Kenda Salisbury, Historical Research Associates, Inc.

Get a first-hand glimpse into the REAL world of business development! Observe four senior marketers/business development professionals from the Northwest, as they meet and interact with a real client, Client TBD, about potential upcoming projects. Each senior marketer, with 10+ years of experience, represents architecture, engineering, and
construction (and, yes, cultural resources). This original program is an opportunity to let you know exactly what makes an effective client meeting that doesn't waste time!

Hear the client's perspective regarding these interactions: what worked, what didn't work, what the marketers uncovered and what they missed. Then, hear the consultants' perspective on the meeting and their thoughts on the next steps. You'll gain valuable advice for "marketers as coaches" in the business development process. There are no retakes here; it's live!


Awards Dinner & Keynote Address
Milford Wayne Donaldson, FAIA, is the Chair of the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

Saturday, September 8


Session A

Session B

[8:00-8:45]Management: Building Shareholder Value & Ownership Transition Planning
John Pruitt, A/E Consulting Services Inc.

Marketing: It’s What You Don’t Say That Counts - How to Project Your Best Non-Verbal Self
Kenda Salisbury, CPSM, Director of Marketing, Historical Research Associates, Inc.

We’ve all heard it – it’s not what you say, but rather, how you say
it that can have the greater impact. And yet, we spend so much time focusing on the "what” and never enough time on the "how.” Our body language speaks volumes about who we are, how we really feel about ourselves and our clients, and what we’re capable of delivering. Confidence, passion, trust, and so much more, are nonverbally communicated and have everything to do with our ability to influence, convince, and get desired results. Find out what this body language looks like and how to consistently project your best non-verbal self.


[9:00-9:45]This session will help attendees understand the key value drivers, the valuation process, and the relationship to ownership transition planning. In addition, we will uncover the overall financial aspects of ownership transition plans and the various tools that can be implemented to create such a transition. This session will also review the various valuation methodologies and what impact the economic downturn has on these methods, above and beyond revenue, profits, backlog, and staff size.

Panel: Case Studies & Current CRM Topics: Innovative & Creative Solutions for Incredible Client Demands
Charles M. Niquette, Cultural Resource Analysts, Inc. 
Donn Grenda, Statistical Research, Inc.
Tom Motsinger, PaleoWest Archaeology

Sometimes our clients ask for the moon… And, by the way, they need it tomorrow! Don't panic. We're archaeologists and we know how to deliver what the client needs. We simply need to fall back on our creativity and new technology to come up with innovative ways to deliver solutions. This session looks at a few case studies and then opens up for discussion.   

[10:15-11:00]ACRA Business Meeting

Finance & Accounting: Key Financial Indicators – Building a Performance Dashboard
David James, CPA, CMA, Clark Nuber, P.S.

Today’s accounting software applications are capable of producing more data than executives have time to digest. This presentation will focus on identifying the "critical few” real-time metrics to help executives drive superior financial performance.



Worker Safety: New Requirements & OSHA Reporting
Keith C. Seramur, Seramur and Associates, PC
Nathan D. Boyless, Metcalf Archaeological Consultants, Inc.
Jim Hughey, HRA Gray & Pape LLC

The combination of higher temperatures, new Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements, OSHA reporting, and pressure to complete projects faster and cheaper is something to be concerned about. In some regions the temperature and humidity can be over 90 degrees and crews are required to wear extensive PPE including hardhats and flame retardant clothing. The PPE actually increases a person’s chance of heat related injury. If one takes all of the recommended work breaks a project’s progress falls to a very slow pace. The new standards, impacts to projects and ways to cope with this will be explored in an interactive session starring some of our very own ACRA members.



Panel - Marketing: Strategic Teaming
Tom Bodor, The Ottery Group
Charissa Durst, Hardlines Design Company
Duane Peter, Geo-Marine, Inc.
Hank McKelway, AMEC

ACRA members explore key ways to identify and develop lasting relationships with other firms. The session will address how to leverage specialties to strengthen and enhance a team; how to communicate to strategic teaming partners; and how to best exploit emerging opportunities. Particularly in the uncertainty of the current economy, strategic teaming partners are an
important part of growing your business.

[4:30-9:30]Dinner at Historic Tillicum Village
The Seattle area is known for our many Native cultures, including the Suquamish and Duwamish Indian Tribes. This year, the ACRA Planning Committee is proud to announce that the Saturday evening dinner will be a 4-hour excursion to
Tillicum Village. Yes, a boat tour!

We will begin our escape with a narrated cruise from downtown Seattle to Blake Island State Park. Blake Island is located 8 miles from Seattle's Central Waterfront and accessible only by private or charter boat, via Argosy Cruises. The island was
named after Captain George Blake, commander of the US Coast Survey vessel in 1837. The Island was a summer camp of the Suquamish and Duwamish Indian Tribes and is believed to be the birthplace of Chief Seattle.

The Tillicum Village experience includes a sampling of Northwest delights, clams and salmon prepared with traditional flourish. You will have a final opportunity to catch up with your fellow ACRA members as dinner is prepared around you. Last, but definitely not least, you will be treated to Native American dance and storytelling in an outstanding display of all the Olympic Peninsula has to offer.

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